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River Cottage TV Celebrity Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall and Peter Stuart

Jamie Oliver TV Celebrity chef taking time out with Darren our Commis Chef

Heston Blumenthal and Peter Stuart in the Fish & Chip Tram

Brian Turner with Peter Stuart

BBC Ready Steady Cook TV Celebrity Chef Brian Turner working with head chef Peter Stuart

James Martin with Peter Stuart

BBC Saturday Morning Kitchen TV Celebrity Chef James Martin working with head chef Peter Stuart

To receive an Instant Online Quote for your event enter below the total number of guests we will be serving (min of 80), the number of servings for each menu item, and finally your contact information. Your guests will be disappointed if you don't order chip shop extras such as mushy peas, pickled onions, curry sauce, and a selection of sides and extras listed below.

The Online Quote will give you your total - a copy of your online quote will also be emailed to you. If you have any questions about your fish and chip quote or would like to place an order please use the contact page or call the telephone number found at the foot of your online quote.

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Your Menu Choices

Total Guest Number - 80 Minimum  
Dish   Number of Servings

Main Courses

5 - 6oz Cod Sustainable - Min 25 Portions
Skinless, boneless
Coley Sustainable Min 25
Coley Fish part of the Cod Family
5 - 7oz Haddock Sustainable - Min 25 Portions
Skin on, boneless Fillet
5 - 6oz Plaice Sustainable - Min 5 Portions
Popularity Varies
Battered Sausage x 2 - Min 5 Portions
Non Fish Eaters
Mackerel Sustainable (2) Min 10
Mackerel Season June - Oct - Rich in Omega 3
Chicken Quarters - Min 4 Portions
Non Fish Eaters
Scampi - Whole Tail - Min 5 Portions
5 - 6 Scampi per portion
Homemade Thai Fish Cakes - Min 5 Portions
New Product 2012
Cumberland Sausage Ring 6oz - Min 5 Portions
Not battered
Vegetarian Sausage (2) - Min 5 Portions
Suitable for vegans
Breaded Brie or Camembert - Min 5 Portions
Veggie Option

Chips and Vegetable Dishes

Fresh Hand Cut Chunky Chips - Min 1 Per Guest
Traditionally blanched
Breaded Mushrooms - Min 5 Portions
Battered Onion Rings - Min 5 Portions
Pea Fritter - Min 5 Portions
Pukka Pies - Min 5 Portions
Lemon Wedges Min 20 Portions
Cut into 4 - 6 portions
Coeliac Batter Mix Min 2 Portions
Gluten Free Batter Mix
Cod Roe Battered Min 5 Portions
Connoisseurs Only
Vodka & Tonic Batter Home made Batter
Saturday Kitchen recipe
3oz - 5oz Cod Fillet Min 5 Portions
Kids Portion size
Halloumi Min 5 Portions
Battered Halloumi (V)
Guinness Beer Batter Enter Guest Numbers
Stout or Light Beer

Side Dishes

Chip Shop Pickled Onions Min 25 Portions
Large Jar
Homemade Mushy Peas - Min 50 Portions
50% ask for Mushy Peas !
Chip Shop Curry Sauce - Min 30 Portions
30% ask for Curry Sauce
Homemade Gravy - Min 20 Portions
20% take Gravy
Jar Pickled Eggs Large Jar
Large Jar
Jar Pickled Gherkin Large Jar
Large Jar Gherkins
Bread and Butter - Min 25 Portions
Sliced Bakers Loaf
Heinz Baked Beans - Min 20 Portions
Normal Take up 10% - 20%
Heinz Tomato Ketchup Min 50 Portions
Dispenser or bottles from sauce bar
Homemade Tartare Sauce Min 50 Portions
Dispenser or bottles from sauce bar
Vinegar Portion Enter Guest Numbers
Free at Hatch Service Only
Salt Portion Enter Guest Numbers
Free at Hatch Service Only
Heinz Mayonnaise Min 10 Portions
Squeezy Bottle 420g
Traditional Cook in Shortening Beef Shortening
Same Qty as Guest Numbers
1oz - 2oz Fish for Cones Min 125
Canapé size, add the Qty of chips
Served in Newsprinted Cones Min 80
Larger than bamboo cones

Your Contact Details

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Postal Town *
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Venue County (if different)  
Home Phone  

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