Question - I read that your chefs recently worked with TV Chef Brian Turner on a high volume job in London.
Answer - True, we cooked and Brian Turner and our assistants served 840 hot breakfast snacks in two hours. Brian Turner was on-site promoting our produce and the difficulties British farmers experience with cheap low welfare meat imports from Europe.

Question - I read that you supply TV Chef Gordon Ramsey (The F-Word) with specialist catering equipment..
Answer - True, we have supplied events hosted Gordon Ramsey & TV Chef Marco Pierre White with Catering hire equipment.

Question - Can you supply Gluten & Wheat free Fish & Chips for vegetarians
Answer - Yes we can supply Gluten free fish & chips for vegetarians. We use potato starch, rice flour, soya flour and seasoning instead of using a traditional batter recipe. Separate frying equipment and oil is also used to ensure there is no wheat or gluten contamination.

Question - Can you work out some prices form me for my wedding catering.
Answer - We have a short online quote form which you can complete to get an instant online quote. There will be information on the form that only you will know.

Question - I understand you don’t cater for smaller groups of less than 80 guests.
Answer - To cook ‘from fresh’ fish and chips on site with qualified and trained staff has initial costs attached which are divided by the number of guests to cook and serve. We can cook for less than 80 but your cost per head goes up.

Question - How many guests can you serve per hour.
Answer - Chef and assistant can cook from fresh and serve 75 guests per hour, or 150 per hour if we double up the equipment and staff. With bigger jobs we can treble up staff and equipment raising service to 225 per hour. The cost of extra serving staff are extra to our quote.

Question - Do you serve soggy chips.
Answer - No, we believe in consistency we only produce crisp battered fish and crisp chips. We fry in Pure Vegetable Oil at high temperatures, sealing the food in an instant to keep the fresh.

Question - If I drive to the chip shop I could probably get my fish and chips cheaper.
Answer - We have never come across any Take Away fish and chips that are nice and crisp 45 minutes after being wrapped up in paper or plastic.

Question - What size portions do you cook and serve.
Answer - We aim to consistently serve regular meals. If you want to go larger, no problem.

Question - Can you cook and serve other food other than fish and chips.
Answer - Yes we have a whole team of chefs that are able to offer a variety of bespoke menus other than those offered within our online quote choices.

Question - Will my fish and chips portion have bones.
Answer - All our fish has been ‘pin boned’ prior to cooking. Whilst every care is taken to remove bones, sometimes bones are inevitable.

Question - I’ve heard your fish and chips are on a par with the best fish and chip meals available.
Answer - That’s true, in fact as everything we prepare is from fresh our fish and chips will probably be better.

Question - You talk about “Cash & Carry” catering, what do you mean.
Answer - A “Cash & Carry” caterer finishes their full time job on Friday, buys pre-cooked and frozen food. Cooks it Friday evening and re-heats it the following day.

Question - Do you ever cook from frozen or pre-prepared fish or meat.
Answer - No, never. Commercial blast refrigeration allows us to hold fresh fish and meat fresh before your event.

Question - Can you get line caught fish straight off the local fishing boats.
Answer - Yes, weather permitting we have two local fishermen that supply us on demand.